Things To Know Before Moving to a New State

Whether this is your first big move, or you’re a seasoned globetrotter, moving to a new state brings a mix of challenges and opportunities. Here’s what to know about making a move to a new state.

Tips for Home Buying

As exciting as it is, finding a home in another state is no easy feat, and you should plan for unexpected delays and additional costs. Do your research on your desired location and make sure to visit it beforehand. Shop around for reputable movers who are experienced in cross-state moves and compare rates before making a decision.

If you’re not prepared to buy a home, there are many Madison rentals available. View online listing and filter by cost and amenities. You can even take virtual tours which gives you the option to rent a place without having to visit in person.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Wisconsin is slightly lower than average. According to Best Places, Wisconsin’s cost-of-living index is 89.9 — making it comparatively less expensive than the rest of the United States on metrics like food, healthcare, and housing prices (the median home cost is around $231,000).

Finding Work

Getting a job while you’re out of state can be tricky, so be sure to start job hunting sooner rather than later. Polish up your resume and tailor it to each job you’re applying for based on the specific details and keywords in the job description. Look for companies that will offer a flexible remote work arrangement until you get settled in your new home. Additionally, inquire about relocation compensation as some companies do offer financial assistance with the cost of moving.

Moving With a Pet

When moving to a new state, you’ll want to acclimate your pet to their new home quickly. Pet-proof your home and hire a pet sitter if you have to leave for a few days. You can also invest in some quality pet products such as a crate, toys, and bed. Before purchasing anything, read detailed reviews to learn more about each product and their pros and cons.

Making It Home

A new state means new opportunities for making friends and connections and, fortunately, the Internet can help you get started. A great way to learn about your new home and meet people is by using online forums specific to your area, such as Reddit. These virtual communities are often full of locals sharing a wealth of knowledge and niche information about the area.

For some real-life action, use sites like Meetup to find people with similar interests to yours. Whether you want to get involved in charitable causes or recreational sports leagues, you can find a group for almost any activity in your area. The area also features many golf courses, museums, and parks, which are all excellent places to explore and be introduced to others in your community.

Connecting with a Doctor

Getting connected to and building a relationship with a new medical provider in a new area can be tricky. To make things easier, it can be helpful to schedule a doctor’s appointment online. Via telemedicine, you can meet with a licensed physician online from home. Appointments are often conducted on the same day they are scheduled, making them convenient in unexpected circumstances. Doctors work with most insurers, and any prescriptions can be sent to a nearby pharmacy. Your healthcare should be one thing you don’t have to worry about during a move.

Starting a Business

Opening up a business in your new state both generates income and gets you integrated into the community. Take the first step by creating a business plan describing your company, its structure, and the relevant financial details. Forming an S corp means you’ll gain liability protections and won’t have to pay the self-employment tax. Learn more about how to form an S corp in Wisconsin.

Once you’ve written a business plan and chosen a structure, begin looking for office or retail space available for rent if you have a physical location, and hire any staff you need.

Settling Into Your New Home

Putting down roots in a new place can feel daunting, but soon enough it’ll start to feel like you’ve been there forever. Research homes in your new state, find work, and consider starting your own business.

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